Etchart Enterprises - Consulting Expertise:

  • Factual & Feasibility Studies to Asses the International Target Market Chosen By the Client.
  • Information Technology, Telecommunications, Wireless Technologies.
  • Real Estate Investments.
  • Commercial, Residential, Farm Land, Vacation Rentals, Purchase and Sales.
  • Bulk Business Sales.
  • International Joint Ventures.
  • Clovis, Fresno, Central, Southern and Norther California. National and International.
  • Import and Export Product Representation.
  • MERCOSUR, NAFTA & GATT Experience Negotiations.
  • Agricultural Products & Equipment.
  • 1031 Real Estate Tax Exchanges.

The ETCHART family business group was developed with the complement of specific, independent, regional, and international businesses talent, their humanitarian incites, and desire to succeed fueled by providing service above self to its clients and customers.

International Consulting Services:

Our experts know local conditions and global practices including political assistance when needed. We maintain an extensive network of contacts that constantly update their skills. Together, our related international experience exceeds 30 years of service. We cover the commercial and industrial heartland of the united States, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Taiwan, Korean, China, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, England, and Philippines.

We provide a broad range of services to enhance your new or existing presence in either one of these places. Our services include managing or implementing new processes of marketing tactics, determining technical suitability and/or market capacity, competition assessing financial or legal compliance, and designing products to meet your rigid specifications and all local requirements. We help research and establish free zone warehousing, assembly, and research facilities; select and interview local talent for your firm; establish master distributors for the selected market areas; negotiate in your behalf in six different languages.

Our extensive experience with business practices and culture in North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa is the foundation of our success. Cross-cultural perspective allows us to rapidly overcome significant obstacles to export sales and joint-ventures that most firms are unequipped to deal with alone. Our consultants also bring broad analytical skills to bear on our global projects. This includes substantial international trade and joint-venture negotiations expertise, market and competitive assessments, macroeconomic, financial and statistical analyses, and political risk evaluations.

Our firm offers a full spectrum of services ranging from one-time primary market research assignments to marketing and strategy consultation where we walk our clients through each difficult stage of expanding their business presence abroad.